Saturday, October 27, 2007

Brief Update

I have been sooooo busy this past month. I apologize if I haven't replied to messages. I'm trying to get back on track and I just wanted to give everyone a brief update, considering what our city has just been through. My family is safe, but sadly my parents lost their house in the Witch Fire. They only left with photos, enough clothes for a few days and a feral cat that lives on their property. They built their house 24 years ago, so there are a lot of memories. However, the initial shock is passing and they are optimistic and excited about rebuilding. We know so many people who have suffered from this disaster, and my heart goes out to all the victims.

Tuesday, September 4, 2007

craigslisters beware

Okay, I still can't believe what just happened. My husband I -- preparing to move-- are in the market for a washer and dryer. We don't need top of the line here, so I checked out and made a few phone calls. We wound up in a French Canadian couples' garage that I'd never met before looking at a decent washer and dryer set. I have to admit on my way over to their house I was worried they might be serial killers (you never know who you're dealing with). At that time it didn't occur to me the people were just shady, greedy, jerks disguised as nice folks who wanted three hundred dollars for a pair of appliances with plugs made for Canada. If I hadn't asked them where they had moved from I would've never picked up on the fact that they were selling us a washer and dryer that wouldn't work in this country. Yeah, I know you can go buy the stuff to swap out the plugs and all that but the point is that these people were perfectly content to sell us appliances that only an experienced electrician would be able to use. And they knew it. They'd first vaguely said they'd moved from "east coast." I had to specifically ask from where, and when the wife answered Canada I saw the husband toss her a look. They even wrapped the plugs with dish towels and shipping tape, so people wouldn't see. And as my husband was examining the plugs I'm looking at their kids bikes hanging on the rafters thinking that people like this shouldn't breed. What kind of example are they setting for the kids? Or worse, what kind of kids are they raising? I couldn't even imagine selling someone anything that I knew would never work for them. It wouldn't even be in my stream of consciousness. And the craziest part of all of it was that came off as very nice, trustworthy people. Frightening. I'm still thanking god that I had enough sense to put two and two together. But I sure feel sorry for the next person who goes over there and doesn't ask where they're from.

Saturday, August 25, 2007

Covers and stuff

Sorry, I think I wrote in my last blog that my YA book was called Party Girl, but the title is actually a working title. I think it might be called Party of Three or The Party Planner. Obviously, there are a lot of parties in the book. Very fun and light hearted like all my other books. I also saw the sketch for the cover which is always very exciting.
Also, just got my German edition of Roommates. It's always so fun to get new covers. I'm so sentimental that way. I love getting all the foreign books, even though I have no idea what they say on them.
I've been staying up way too late watching horribly addictive shows like The Hills. These shows are like a bad hangover. I regret staying up watching them when I struggle to wake the next morning. What the hell is wrong with those girls on The Hills? I know I went for some idiots, but Justin Bobby? I've also become glued to The Rock Life, which makes me extremely nostalgic. My husband played in a rock band for ten years, and I have to say there are a lot of similarites there. I miss the old shows at The Viper Room etc. Don't miss having him on the road though or the long hours in the studio. His old band, Louis XIV, is releasing a new CD this fall and they gave us a demo at my daughter's b-day party. I LOVE it. I've been listening to it while writing and it's so sexy.
All right, off to watch the Charger's game.

Sunday, August 19, 2007

Crazy week

What a week! Wednesday, had my Fox 6 television interview. Much to my surprise, I didn't pass out on live television. This is my third appearance on their morning show, and fainting or having a heart attack is always a concern. Angela Chee, the anchor, is just lovely and asked great questions. Charlotte (my one year old) waited in the green room while I went on. From what I understand, she terrorized the pet of the day, a very patient and apparently kid friendly Australian Shepherd who was up for adoption. I forget the dog's name but he was due to appear on TV later in the show. Hope he found a good home!

Thursday was my San Diego book signing. It was wonderful to see so many familiar faces and new faces too! I can't tell everyone who went how much it means to me to have the support. Without you guys, I wouldn't have a job! So thank you, thank you, thank you!

Woke up Friday morning and jetted off to Los Angeles where my niece was born about 24 hrs later -- a girl named Sophie. Obviously, I love the name Sophie as it was my French name in high school. I'm so honored that they named the baby after me. Hee! Hee! Seriously, Sophie is a beauty. I'm so excited that she's here!

Well, my own baby is having a day with my husband and the in-laws while I get some writing accomplished. So it's time to visit to my new characters in the young adult book, as of now titled Party Girl.

Wednesday, August 8, 2007

Still really busy. I absolutely love writing my young adult novel. It's coming along very well, and I 've really enjoyed reading other YA novels this summer. I think my favorite one was Lost It by Kristen Tracy. She is so talented. I think it's one that all ages will enjoy.
I have about a million books I'd like to read. I've been tripping over the stack in the middle of the night when I get up to check on my daughter.
What else? My sister's baby is due any day now and I'm dying to know what she's having. I hate it when people don't find out. I don't care if it's the middle of my reading during my book signing when she delivers. I'll need to be informed at once as to whether I have a niece or a nephew. I don't know how she's waited nine months.

Tuesday, July 31, 2007

What's new in my life? Well, my daughter started swim lessons yesterday and I'm scared to death she's going to have a diaper blowout in the swim and racquet club pool. She's only 1. There are like fifty kids having swim lessons in various parts of that pool, and I'm told that everyone will have to evacuate at once if anyone poops in the pool. the pool will have to be drained and the club could be shut down for weeks. I've heard all about these kinds of catastrophes from other parents. If my child is to blame for something like this I will contact the government andl ask to enter the witness protection program. I will change my name and move out of state.

What else? I am insanely busy with my YA novel due next month and have all kinds of stuff for First Comes Love, which I'm told is doing very well.

We're moving in a few weeks to the biggest fixer upper I've ever laid eyes on (on the inside, outside's not so shabby) and author Jennifer Coburn who lives in a darling house is going to be my new neighbor.

Sunday, July 22, 2007

I have become a real pain in the ass since having a kid

I haven't been blogging much lately becuase my daugther has been very sick, so sick in fact she was briefly hospitalized. Much to my relief, she is recovered now. She got a stomach bug which snowballed becuase she refused to eat or drink thus becoming very dehydrated. It was traumatic for everyone to say the least. And perhaps some of the most traumatized people involved in this whole ordeal are the staff at Children's Hospital. You see, since having my daughter I no longer worry about stepping on other people's toes. In the past, I have always considered myself extremely easygoing, carefree, and very likable. I used to the be the type of person who made friends everywhere I went. A lot has changed since I became a mom. I'm starting to be realize that I have become a total pain in the ass. It's amazing how I've always been shy to speak up for myself, but speaking up for my daughter has felt as natural as breathing.
I have seen too many gnarly Datelines about medical disasters to turn the other cheek when it comes to my child. After I made the nurse switch IV tubing because the first one touched the floor, then demanded that anyone with hospital ID wear gloves when entering the room I think the medical staff was afraid of me. Frankly I don't care if the two resident pediatricians I pounded with questions about germs for a solid hour hate me. It's too bad if the nurse was annoyed that I made her call maintenance twice to disinfect areas of the room where strange people had been. I could care less if anyone was offended when I shamelessly confirmed that my daughter's roommate didn't have anything contagious. I think my husband was just happy that he didn't have to be the annoying one of the couple.

Sunday, July 8, 2007

The days have escaped me since FIRST COMES LOVE became available on Tuesday. I have all kinds of PR things for the book and a tight deadline for my young adult romantic comedy, plus my biggest priority -- my little one year old daughter. However, I managed to squeeze in some time to socialize this weekend. My husband and daughter and I went to a birthday party for some very good friends of ours whose daughter just turned three. And oh let me just say that parties have changed in the past few years. A friend of ours from the party put it perfectly when he said, "I've realized I've come to a point in my life when it's totally normal to be talking to someone at at party and they pause to sniff their kid's diaper."

It seems like just yesterday when we were all scrounging up a faded deck of cards to play A*$HOLE, and now we're all watching a bunch of little kids hammer a pinata (which by the way is one of the most entertaining things I've ever seen). It doesn't seem that long ago when I was in Mexico karaoking to showtunes from Grease and doing shots of tequila with a few of the girls from the party. Last night I observed two of these same ladies affectionately rubbing their pregnant bellies while discussing baby names. And the third friend from the Mexico weekend yawned at eight-thirty and went home with her husband. So I guess with this new book I've also entered a new chapter in my life. Life is different but it's a good life and I wouldn't change anything.

Wednesday, June 20, 2007

Girls Night Out

So last night I had a meeting with my agent, Elise Capron, of the Sandra Dijkstra Literary Agency and Kelly Sonnack who handles childrens at the agency. We had lots to discuss but also lots to celebrate-- the release of First Comes Love in a couple weeks which is now available on and my new deal with Simon Pulse for a young adult romantic comedy. It was great to catch up with them. We had wine and salads and I don't think I've had a night out with just gals sans children since before I was pregnant (two years ago). Very fun!