Saturday, August 25, 2007

Covers and stuff

Sorry, I think I wrote in my last blog that my YA book was called Party Girl, but the title is actually a working title. I think it might be called Party of Three or The Party Planner. Obviously, there are a lot of parties in the book. Very fun and light hearted like all my other books. I also saw the sketch for the cover which is always very exciting.
Also, just got my German edition of Roommates. It's always so fun to get new covers. I'm so sentimental that way. I love getting all the foreign books, even though I have no idea what they say on them.
I've been staying up way too late watching horribly addictive shows like The Hills. These shows are like a bad hangover. I regret staying up watching them when I struggle to wake the next morning. What the hell is wrong with those girls on The Hills? I know I went for some idiots, but Justin Bobby? I've also become glued to The Rock Life, which makes me extremely nostalgic. My husband played in a rock band for ten years, and I have to say there are a lot of similarites there. I miss the old shows at The Viper Room etc. Don't miss having him on the road though or the long hours in the studio. His old band, Louis XIV, is releasing a new CD this fall and they gave us a demo at my daughter's b-day party. I LOVE it. I've been listening to it while writing and it's so sexy.
All right, off to watch the Charger's game.


Darlin_Jo said...


Love your books. I think it is great that you have a blog. Now that I know I will add a link for it on my blogs. Please take a look at them if you happen to have the time.

Can't wait to introduce my pre-teen to your writing.



And I love getting nice comments like yours! Thanks for writing. I just started blogging so I'm still getting the hang of it. Looking forward to checking out your stuff.